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Essential Benefits of GeBIZ Alerts


GeBIZ alert was introduced in March 2011 through joint efforts from GeBIZ and EnterpriseOne. It is a platform that targets registered businesses in Singapore and government publication on business opportunities that relate to the public. Many people have realized the importance of this alert and it recently has more than 10,000 subscribers.

GeBIZ was established with the sole purpose of enhancing delivery of information on business opportunities to the public. Its aim is to enhance convenience to businesses and ease access to government procurement information services in Singapore. Previously, the public had to login in the GeBIZ platform in order to get access to available government tenders and quotations. This activity is labor intensive and time-consuming. Therefore, GeBIZ alert provided a perfect opportunity for people to receive quick updates on the available government tenders and other business opportunities.  



Essential Benefits of GeBIZ Alerts

There ae key benefits attributed to GeBIZ Alerts. Many people who have had a chance to use them have given satisfactory messages to the developers expressing joy and satisfaction. These benefits include; 

-    Ensure timeless notification. GeBIZ alerts timely notify you immediately a new tender or business opportunity is placed on GeBIZ platform. This gives you a perfect opportunity to respond immediately hence increasing chances of having the tender given to you. 

-    Saves time and cost. The alerts save a lot of your time which you can use for other constructive and growth activities. You do not have to walk into a cyber café or carry your computer around. The alerts will pop in your phone notifying you of a new business opportunity.

-    Subscribers receive customized information based on their taste and preferences as well as their interest. This is contra to visiting the official GeBIZ platform where a lot of unnecessary information is provided. Also, before scrutinizing all the information on the official site to identify your interest, a lot of time and effort are wasted.

-    It increases competition. This is because immediate information is communicated to many supplies and business vendors hence triggering them to take immediate action. This provides the government with a number of option from which they can filter and get the best services. Competition enhances quality. Thus, the more the bidders the quality of service and other cost-effective strategies to be provided.

It is clear that GeBIZ alerts are quite effective and essential for business growth and development. Subscribe today and be sure to experience tremendous growth in your business. You will also enhance your reputation hence more chances of winning more tenders in future.r